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Data is often scattered across multiple systems and multiple sites. Green field systems are easy to connect, but the challenge starts when retrofitted or brown field systems need to be integrated too, or to make it even worse, data is added by hand.

Get your first data within 2h, add new devices or sites, local or global and improve you operational performance and productivity.

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benefit and accelerate with capture

realtime actionable insights

  • Connect to a variety of sources, including machines, sensors, and people and start identifying trends and patterns. 
  • Use the interactive visualisation layer to customize your dashboards and present data in a visual and intuitive way so that it is easy to understand and act on.

measure KPI's at scale

  • SME, enterprise or global corporate: our data framework scales to the size of your needs
  • Add devices within minutes and instantly start measuring your KPI's per device, process, site, country or globally. 
  • Build and analyze your own data ecosystem to improve your OEE.

automate reporting & alerting

  • Easily set-up and automate various reports with a condensed overview, tailored to the needs of your team. 
  • Trigger maintenance alerts to increase quality or to reduce downtime.

make objective decisions

  • In an industrial environment you better trust your data than your gut. It is not subject to human interpretation or bias. 
  • Customize your data analytics and allow your plant managers, process engineers or machine operators to make more accurate, better informed and objective decisions with confidence.

faster time-to-value

  • Expand Capture as your data ecosystem by integrating external applications or linking it to multiple other systems. 
  • Providing wider insights to gain that competitive advantage and enabling a faster time-to-value for you or your customers.

foster innovation & growth

  • Insightful data can lead to new ideas and innovations that can help businesses grow. 
  • Develop new products and services that meet the need of your customers. 
  • Enable new business models that were never possible or thought of before.

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what makes capture different and unique from other IOT platforms?

  • platform independent

  • lightweight and fast set-up

    • First data results can be generated in only 2h time with extremely high performance.
    • No costly and complex set-ups to start with.
  • scalable architecture

    • Get a solution that meets your needs.
    • Start small with a proof-of-concept.
    • Scale to a multiple site or global enterprise architecture when successful.
    • From 250€/month.
  • 2-way communication

    • This is a game-changer.
    • Update your machine software remotely
    • Your technical team can remotely debug issues and provide support from a distance.
  • securely on-premise or in-cloud

    • Securely store your data on premise or load it in the cloud. As you wish.
  • reduce interoperability challenges

    • capture works with your existing tech stack and works with protocols and standards, set or produced by different manufacturers.
    • capture makes data centralization easier and more efficient.
  • large range of industry protocols

    • capture is not limited. It smoothly integrates MQTT, OPC-UA, Rest, ModBus.... or other protocols.
    • We streamline all your machine data and Edge components into one single platform.
  • smooth computer vision integration

    • Integrate and easily link large types of data (such as vision images) or even more improved machine learning scenarios.
  • intuitive dashboards

    • Get a clear view on how a single device or multiple factory sites are performing using intuitive and visual dashboards.
    • Use templates or built your own dashboard in minutes using Grafana.
  • green field or brown field

    • Know what's happening at any moment, on any device
    • capture collects data from new devices (green field) or retrofitted devices (brown field).
  • connectivity with dual

    • Connect with dual, a digital-twin-as-a-service-platform.
    • Gain real-time data of your dual simulations and validate your concepts virtually.
  • connectivity with interact

    • Connect with interact, a web-based HMI / interface platform.
    • Assemble real-time your industrial flows or HMI, connect your edge components, use it and collect data.

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